Best Safety Razor Blades

Sir Hare has the most popular blades on the market including the following brands: Astra, Derby, Feather, Wilkinson, Murker, Ladas, Gillette Nacet, Kai, Double Edge Razor Blades, Voshkod, Polsilver, Rapira, Gillette Silver Blue, Gillette Rubie.

When you buy a Safety Razor from us we will automatically throw in a free pack of blades.  If you are just starting out consider buying the sampler pack to get a variety of blades for you to try out and find your favorite.

Each blade, safety razor, skin type, and shaver technique will create a personalized experience that only you can evaluate.  Be careful reading reviews about the best razor blades.  Find one that works for you by trying out a variety that meets your demands.