Best Shaving Soap

Handmade in the USA by artisan soap makers to provide an amazing lather, protects your skin while shaving, and lubrication to gently glide your favorite razor for the best shave you have ever experienced.  Old school shaving soap with a variety of scents to provide a nice fragrance after your shave.  All you need is a shave soap, shaving brush to lather up and get your shave on.

Sir Hare Artisan Shaving Soap smells amazing and provides a great shave making it excellent for those with sensitive skin and prone to razor burn.  Both Men and Women have told us that we have some of the best artisan shave soaps on the market.  We have shipped our shaving soap to the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, India, Singapore, and many other places around the world.   In fact we are rated in the top 10 shaving soaps on Amazon with over 1,000 top Sir Hare Shaving Soap reviews.  Your bathroom routine will change from a chore to an enjoyable experience guaranteed.