A new better way to shave your head.  Our head shaving oil was formulated with the bald head in mind.  We focused on creating a product that provides a great shave, smells wonderful, and moisturizes your head.  It's the perfect replacement for shaving cream for your dome.

Oil for bald head

Our head shaving oil creates an extremely thin protective layer that allows the razor to glide over your scalp and shaves your hair closer than imaginable.  Don't worry, the oil doesn't leave your head oily, only a nice smooth shave with a moisturized scalp.  We use premium oils and you'll get a much better shave than trying to use coconut oil to shave your head.

Head Shaving Products

We formulated our head shaving oil specifically for bald guys shaving with a razor.  I started with a BIC and then moved on to a safety razor.  Eventually our product line grew to shaving and mens grooming in general.  What we learned is that you don't need to be afraid to try other products for your head.  Checkout our artisan shaving soap if you would rather have a traditional cream like shave vs oil.  It's not a product made specifically for head shavers, but it does an amazing job on both your dome and your face.