Sir Hare Men's Grooming - About Us

mens grooming  At Sir Hare our philosophy is simple.  Provide high quality men's grooming products and treat customers as if they were family.

Men's Grooming Products

Our small family business started in 2014 with a single shaving product and has expanded to a full men's grooming business with customers all over the world.   

We carry Shaving kits, Safety Razors, Safety Razor Blades, Shaving Oils, Shaving Soap, Skin Care, Shaving Brushes, and continue launching new products.

Traditionally men purchase grooming products in big box stores.  These are created by huge companies in enormous factories that have insane marketing budgets.  They dominate the market, but consumers are becoming smarter and starting to appreciate hand crafted products once again.

Our grooming products are created in small batches by hand.  It's craftsmanship that makes our products unique and made for you.  We test them out on ourselves and not animals.  There is a serious amount of time, effort, and money spent on each product before it is available for sale.

Mens Skin Care

People obsess over what they eat and how they look, however how men care for their skin is somehow ignored.  Skincare is usually thought to be something that ladies care more about than men.  

It does make a difference on what type of razor you use.  Shaving soap vs canned shaving cream has much different results.  The smoothness of the shave and other benefits are huge.

skincare for men

Most men will never know the difference, but a few will.  If you are reading this far you are likely a guy that appreciates quality over quantity.  Once you have a straight razor shave from the barber and the feel afterwards you'll understand what I mean.  

It's an experience that you can appreciate.  That entire experience can be replicated at home by using some of the best skin care products for men on the market.

Grooming for Men by Sir Hare 

Sir Hare was created to provide the best mens grooming products to make you look great and feel even better.  We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.  If you don't love it just let us know and we will make it right.

Any questions, just drop a line and we will respond back as soon as possible.

What's up with that rabbit? - The rabbit is actually a hare, yes there is a difference.  Anyway, we wanted something quirky with an old school barber shop feel and a play on words.  That's how Sir Hare was born.  

If you are ready to checkout some of the best men's grooming products then checkout the rest of our site.   Sir Hare Men's Grooming