How to Use Shaving Soap

July 08, 2015

How to use shaving soap

Learning How to use shaving soap

Here is a quick video we put together teaching the basics of using shaving soap and brush.  Hope you enjoy it!

is quite simple as long as you understand three basic steps.  Soak, Load, and Lather.  Don't worry, we are going to break down the process and you'll learn some techniques to get a thick and creamy lather out of your favorite shaving soap before you know it.

What is Lather

Let's start by explaining what lather is and what makes it good or bad.  According to the dictionary Lather is defined as the foam produced by a soap or detergent when agitating with water.

There is a significant difference between regular soap and shaving soap and the lather that they produce.  Regular soap produces bubbly airy lather that dissipates quickly.  Shaving Soap is more of a whipped cream like consistency that remains on your face during the shave.    

In the case of shaving soap we use a shaving brush and when combining the brush, water, and soap we will produce a nice lather.  The goal is to create a thick, creamy lather to provide a layer of protection while shaving.  If you end up with a sudsy, bubbly lather that disappears quickly you need to work on your technique or try changing soaps.  

How to Use Shaving Soap

Go and grab your favorite shaving soap and shaving brush so we can get started.  I'm biased, so I'll be using our own Sir Hare shaving soap for this article.

How to use shave soap


Soak the Shaving Brush

The shave soap is probably dry and so is the shave brush, so our first step is to get it hydrated.  Everything we do with water will be done using WARM water.  Fill up your sink or a bowl with the warm water and drop your brush in it.  

Showering also helps to soften your hair and give you a better shaving experience.  The reason we soak the brush is to hydrate the badger hair on the brush.  The water on the top of the soap will also soften it up and prep it for loading the brush.

How to use shaving brush


Load Shaving Brush

Now it's time to start loading the brush.  Pull the brush out of the water and squeeze any excess water from the bristles.  You want a moist and hydrated shaving brush and not a soaking wet brush.  When you load the brush you are trying to get a thick layer of soap on the brush.  We are NOT trying to lather at this time.

Take about 1 minute to circle around the soap and fill the shaving brush with a good amount of soap.  There isn't a perfect way to do this so change direction, go up down, left right, press hard, press soft, but get the soap on and into the brush.  When it is ready the bristles of your brush will matte together. 

Using shaving soap

Lather Shaving Soap 

It's lather time, are you ready?

Some people lather straight on their face, others use their hands, and a shaving bowl or mug is another popular option.  We are using a shaving bowl in this example.  

I actually prefer lathering directly on my face, but it's easier to show the shaving bowl so we will use it.

Take your loaded brush and sprinkle a few drops of water on the bristles.  All of that soap you loaded into the brush now needs to be extracted from the brush, mixed with water, and whipped up into a creamy lather.  By using a circular motion circle around the bowl with the brush like you are painting with it.  The soap and water will start mixing and you will see the lather beginning to take form.



Keep circling and trying to mix it up as much as possible, adding a few drops of water at a time to get the right consistency.  Be careful because too much water will turn it into a thin mess and not enough will prevent the lather from reaching the full potential.  The perfect combination of mixing like a mad man, water, and soap will produce the perfect lather.  1-2 minutes will be plenty of time to get a good lather that is sufficient for shaving.


It's an art and science experiment all in one, but with a little practice on your technique and you'll be whipping up barbershop quality lather in no time.  Good luck and let us know if this helps you out.

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