Gillette Silver Blue Razor Blades and Reviews

Gillette Silver Blue Blades - 5 Pack
  • 5 Pack of Gillette Silver Blue Razor Blades
    Made for Double Edge razors like Sir Hare's Safety razor

    Most users get approximately 3-5 shaves per blade

    A 5 pack should last a month
  • CAUTION: Double edge razor blades are dangerous. Please be responsible when disposing. We recommend a shaving bank and disposing at a recycling facility that accepts double edge razor blades

    - Open the top of your safety razor and insert razor blade

    - Dispose used blades in blade bank
  • Gillette Silver Blue Reviews

    Here are a few comments from Gillette silver blue blades users

    "I've tried many sampler packs and the Gillette Silver blues are my favorites"

    "Feathers are sharp, however the Gillette Silver Blue are a dream come true"

    "These are very good blades although there is residue left on blades due to packaging"

    "Sharp and smooth. Need I say more?"

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