Feather Razor Blades and Reviews

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Feather Razor Blades - 10 Pack
  • 10 Pack of Feather Razor Blades
    Use in any DE razor such as Sir Hare'sSafety razor

    Expect 3-5 good shaves from these blades

    A 10 pack should last a few months
  • CAUTION: Feather razor blades are dangerous and extremely sharp. Please dispose of properly!

    - Insert feather blades into top of DE razor

    - Dispose of blades in Blade bank
  • Feather Razor Blade Reviews

    Here are a few comments from Feather Razor Blade users

    "Shark, Merkur, and Dorco don't stand a chance against Feather Razor blades"

    "Sharp, Sharp, Sharp, did I say feather blades are sharp?"

    "No other blades compare to feathers"

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