Shaving your head with a double edge safety razor

Shaving Head With Safety Razor
If you are reading this then you probably want to know what it's like to shave your head with a DE (double edge) or SE (single edge) safety razor.  Can you shave your head with one?  Is it a different type of shave? What is the best DE razor for head shaving?
Safety razors provide an amazing shave.  I just wouldn't recommend using one the first time head shaver.  First learn how to shave your head before upgrading to a safety razor.


How To Shave head with a Safety Razor?

Well, the good news is that I've been shaving my head for quite a long time.  It started with an electric razor then I moved to cartridges and now I'm use this safety razor almost exclusively.  
Keep reading to learn how safety razors compare to cartridges and what is the best to shave your head with, at least from my perspective. 

Best Cartridge Razor for head shaving

First let's talk about a cartridge razor and how it performs as a head shaver.  My preferred cartridges are Gillette Mach 3 and the Gillette Fusion razors.  The Mach3 has three blades while the fusions have five blades.  

The primary difference between the 3 and 5 blades is the spacing between them where the fewer number of blades has more space.  This helps when using a thicker shaving cream, gel, or oil because the blades don't clog as easy.  

The Pros:  As far as shaving goes they both do a great job, it is easy to shave your head quickly with either one, and the heads move to conform to the different angles of your head providing an all around good shave. 

The Cons: The biggest con is the cost of the replacement cartridges.  Razor manufacturers use the same business model as printing companies where they sell the primary device relatively inexpensive (the printer or the razor) and then charge you a small fortune to keep it going with the (ink or the blades).  

If you are environmental friendly you will also have concerns about the amount of plastic that fills up our landfills with the plastic packages that your replacement cartridges come in.  I also tend to get minor razor bumps with cartridges due to the way they are designed to lift the hair up and cut it below the surface.

Summary:  A good shave, fast, expensive, not great for the environment, and might cause razor bumps.


Best DE razor for head shaving

Hands down this is my go to razor.  It's a reasonably 3 piece DE razor excellent for head shaving, provides a very close and smooth shave.  What else can you ask for?  Check latest price
There are a few different types of safety razors.  The Single Edge (SE) Safety Razor and the Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor.

Both types of razors have a single blade.  Single edge is similar to what you probably know as a razor blade.  Single blade edge and the other side you can hold.

The Double edge is a single blade again, but both sides are sharp.  That provides the ability to shave with one side of the razor and spin in 180 degrees and use the other side.  The side you choose to shave with is totally up to you.

We will focus on the Double Edge Safety razor because that's what I use as my daily head shaver.

The Pros:  The razors are usually made of a strong metal and are very durable.  Price wise you can get a decent entry level razor for $30 or less.  

All double edge blades are compatible with the razors, so you can get blades from any company and they are really inexpensive.  A good blade will cost you about 10 cents, no that's not a typo.  The higher end blades will not cost much more than $1 and that's a really high price.

The Cons:  There is a learning curve to using a safety razor and until you get familiar with it you will knick yourself.  Shaving your head will take a bit longer because you tend to be a bit more careful using the safety razor especially on your head.  

This learning curve is only temporary.  I was absolutely terrified to first shave my head with a safety razor and now it's really about the only thing I use and I love it.  It's all about practice and getting comfortable.  

I haven't nicked my head using a safety razor for a long time now.  Knock on wood :)

Summary:  A great shave, slow and steady, Inexpensive, better for the environment than cartridges.  

Best safety razor blades for shaving head

I've used the following safety razor blades for shaving my head.  Astra, Voskhod, Feather, Perma-Sharp, Gillette Rubie, Ladas, and Wilkinson Sword.

Hands down the best blades for shaving my head have been the Perma Sharp blades. I usually start my head shave on the sides going from back to front.  The initial pass with a safety razor and perma blades is so smooth and clean and just beat every other blade I've tried.

I started shaving my head with a safety razor a few years back and before that years of cartridge razor shaving. 

The safety razor provides a close shave, I like the nostalgic feel of using something that my grandpa did and if you are thinking about getting a safety razor just do it.  

Don't over think what handle, what head, and what kind. Just buy one, start learning how to use it, and let me know if a few months what your preferred razor is.  

My guess is that you will fall in love with the Safety razors and become an advocate for converting others
Checkout our full line of Safety Razors that can be used for your head and your face.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can't go wrong.  You will either love it or get your money back.  

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July 17, 2018

I don’t believe the DE blades work well for head shaving. I always get razor bumps. My skin won’t adapt .Tried many blades. I never have issues using a cartridge for head shaving.I just purchased a Merkur Futur and like it quite a bit. No issues with using it on my face. I like experimenting with the wide selection of blades too.

Cabo Smith
Cabo Smith

August 30, 2017

I love safety razors. I learned how to use them from my Grandfather. The only razors I use are safety. They give a clean, close shave every time. No reason to go back to cartridges ever again.

David Cruz
David Cruz

May 07, 2019

I wouldn’t recommend shaving against the grain I just tried it with my safety razor and have been bleeding for a half hour now.

Ian Shaffer
Ian Shaffer

January 08, 2017

Can you go against the grain with a safety razor?

Gabriel Vargas
Gabriel Vargas

October 21, 2016

I was hesitant at first, but after I finally caved in and spent the money, I couldn’t be more satisfied!

It is a much closer shave and for not having used one before this, I am very happy with the result.

The best advice I can give about using one is take it slow; don’t be in a rush. And as with any razor, short strokes rather than long strides. If you’re paying attention and feeling the razor, you will be fine.

In short, great product, great price, and an even better shave!

(I use the Lumberjack Oil and it smells fantastic!)

Dwight lucas
Dwight lucas

August 01, 2016

Hi I have been using DE razor now for 16 years I’ve become a collector different types of DE and belong to a club.

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