Safety Razors

Safety Razor by Sir Hare

Safety Razor by Sir Hare - 3 piece razor designed for the ultimate shave and will last a lifetime
  • Shaving with a safety razor is an experience that provides an amazing shave

    Our high quality 3-piece safety razor outperforms cartridge razors and is built to last

    Double edge blades range in price from about .20 to .50 cents each and last for 3-5 shaves.

    Each of our DE razors includes 5 safety razor blades that will last you about a month

    100% satisfaction guaranteed on our Safety razor. Buy with confidence
  • CAUTION: Safety razors are no joke. You will likely knick yourself on your first few shaves, so follow these instructions carefully and you'll be shaving like a pro before you know it.

    - Use your favorite shaving soap, gel, cream, oil

    - Unscrew the head of the razor and insert a double edge razor blade

    - Take the time to find the best angle and slowly start shaving

    - Let the weight of the razor do the work and don't use pressure

    It will take some time to figure out your technique, but after 5-10 shaves you should have it down pat.
  • I got tired of paying high prices for replacement razors, so I started shaving with a Safety razor. Once I started shaving with a Safety razor my shaves were more enjoyable and the results were too.

    If you feel like shaving is a chore, have issues with razor bumps, or are just tired of spending too much on your replacement blades, then a Safety razor is perfect for you
  • We carry some of the best Safety razor blades on the market.

    All double edge Double edge blades on our site will fit this Safety Razor

    We recommend picking up a few different types of blades or our sampler pack. Not everyone likes the same ones. It's best to test different blades until you find one to match your skin type and shaving preferences.
  • Give it a try and if you don't love it, we will refund your purchase