How to prevent a dry scalp during the cold winter months

Winter is officially here and that means cooler weather and in turn dry skin.  Outside is bad enough to chap your skin, but the drying effect becomes even worse while indoors and running a furnace or fireplace.

A humidifier will help put additional moisture in the air, but it is not enough to moisturize your bald head.  Here are a few tips to keep your scalp moisturized during the cold months.

  1. Pay attention to the products you put on your skin.  Many products contain alcohol, which will cause additional dryness
  2. Take warm, not hot showers.  The heat from the shower will also dry your skin out
  3. Use a moisturizer on your head and skin.  Our shaving oil does a great job moisturizing your head while shaving it. Another option is our bald head balm
  4. Put a beanie on your head when you go outside to keep your head covered

We can't wait for winter to be over, but until it is make sure you take care of your head so you don't walk around with flaky skin patches falling all over the place.

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