Bald Head Balm | moisturizing lotion for shaved head

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Our Bald head Balm keeps your head moisturized and always looking good
  • Do you have a dry flaky bald head?  Keeping a bald head moisturized is not easy. 
  • Finally a lotion based balm for a shaved head.  Our balm is the ultimate bald head moisturizer created to keep away those nasty flakes and to give you a nice smooth shaved head. 
  • If you shave your head or are naturally bald and could use a moisturizer up there, this is the product for you.

  • Ingredients: Water, BTMS-50, Glycerin, Stearyl Alcohol, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Optiphen, Vitamin E, Hydroxyethylcellulose

    Quantity: 2oz
  • Place a small amount of lotion in your palms, rub them together, and the work into your shaved head. The oils will have a bit of a shine at first, so make sure you completely rub it in and wait a few minutes for it to soak in your skin.
  • Thinking about shaving your head?  Learn how to do it.