First time head shaving


The commitment: 

ok, so you have made the mental leap from thinking about shaving your head to reading about shaving your head.  The next step is actually shaving your head, so before you read another sentence you need to say out loud that once you finish reading this article that you are going to shave your head.  I want you to commit to it because it is a big step and we are here to help you take it.  Did you say it out loud?  If not, you are forbidden to read another word because this was written for the guy that is ready to take action.  When you are ready to take action say "I will shave my head when I'm done reading this article" and then continue. 


Lucky You:

You are very fortunate to have reached the place that will help you in the journey from head with hair to head with no hair.  You might be losing hair now or already lost enough to get called bald, maybe you are shaving your head for a charity, or it could just be the latest trend that you are trying to keep up with.  Whatever the reason you now have some hair and will soon have no hair.  Luckily I have been in your shoes before and so have millions of others.  


The Mental Prep:

You are your biggest critic.  What I mean is that you will care more about what you look like than anyone else.  When you finish shaving and look in the mirror it WILL look weird, your hats will fit different, when you take a shower it feels funny, when it rains you will be the first to know, and people that you know will be surprised the first time they see you.  All of these things are ok.  It will take time to adjust to all of it, but you can and will do it.  You might try to hide it with hats or not go out, but the sooner you accept and have confidence in your new look the sooner others will accept it as part of you..


The Tools:

For the first time head shaver I recommend using some sort of electric cordless clippers because you can't cut a full head of hair with a razor.  I recommend the Panasonic ER-GS60-S because after your first hair cut you can use these in the shower to maintain your shaved head. These clippers are waterproof and can be used for your other bodily hairs, so an all around good purchase.  If you don't plan on shaving in the shower you can get away with Wahl hair clippers that cost about the price of a haircut.  You will also need a Handheld Mirror to see yourself and the back of your head when standing in front of another mirror.  


The Big Moment:

Take a picture of yourself before the big moment so you can take another right afterwards for a before/after comparison.  If your hair is long then go outside because it is going to get messy.  Take the fully charged clippers and slowly go from the peak of your head where your hairline starts all the way to the back of your neck.  This is what I would call a reverse mow hawk.  The reason for this is to commit to the shave since you surely won't want to walk around with a reverse mow hawk.  Now continue cutting starting from the front of your head all the way to the back and then start from the back all the way to the front.  Make long slow passes like you are mowing your yard and use your hands and the mirrors to check how you are doing.  Hair grows in different directions, so you need to make sure you are not leaving big patches.  Pay extra close attention to the spot behind your ears or you could wind up having a behind the ear mustache and no doubt some jokes will be told.



Congratulations, you made it.  You are a free man now and it's time to start embracing this new look and keeping it under control.  Make sure you keep it groomed and shave every few days. When you are ready to take the next step you need to upgrade to shaving your head with a razor.  

Buy Head shaving clippers for less than $20 and get started with your new look!


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February 24, 2015

All you need now is the blue face paint and some PVC pipe and you can put together a Vegas show!Looks Great Kevin!CB

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