6 Halloween Costumes for Bald Guys - Step by Step

So, your Bald and need a costume?   Good news is that we have 6 bald halloween costumes just for you.  All you need is a Bald head and then decide on one of the costumes below.


1.)  Uncle Fester - You know the creepy bald uncle from the Adam's family?  This is a very simple costume to create and it won't break the bank.

  • What you need: Magic Light Bulb,  Black Coat, Eye Shadow (hopefully you have a lady in the house).
  • How to do it:  The hardest part of this costume is to darken around your eyes with dark gray or black eyeshadow.  Just ask your girlfriend, wife, sister, or mom to help you out because you don't want to be caught digging through their makeup stash anyway.  Put on the black coat and turn on the light bulb and the costume is done. 


2.) Charlie Brown - The classic bald headed cartoon character with just a few squiggles of hair on his head.

  • What you need:  A yellow shirt and black marker.
  • How to do it: Get a plain yellow shirt and use the marker to draw the zig zag lines around the bottom of the shirt.  Use the same marker to draw a few squiggly lines near the front of your bald head.  Black shorts, yellow socks, and brown shoes will increase authenticity.


3.)  Mr. Clean - The happy bald guy that loves to clean

  • What you need:  A white t-shirt, White hair color for your eyebrows, Gold Hoop clip-on earring
  • How to do it:  Spray your eyebrows with the white hair makeup, put the gold hoop earring on your left ear and wear the white t-shirt.  Now cross your arms and smile.  Grab a mop and a bottle of Mr. Clean if you really want people to know who you are.


4.) Bane - a villain from Batman

  • What you need:  A Bane Mask
  • How to do it:  Buy a Bane mask and wear it.  Done.


5.) Shrek - The green ogre

  • What you need: A Big Head - FREE, Ogre face paint, and some Shrek ears
  • How to do it:  This is the most difficult one to pull off and the bigger your head the better.  Use the green makeup to completely cover your face and head in green, put the shrek ears on and wear some tattered clothing.  If you have a donkey then you need to send us a picture of the finished product.


6.) Walter White aka: Heisenberg

  • What you need: Goatee - FREE, Aviator Glasses, Fake Blue Meth.
  • How to do it:  You still have time to grow a goatee before Halloween, so start now.  Buy some fake blue meth and get some glasses.  Go to your local Chick-Fil-A and ask for Gus when you are all done.


 Thanks for visiting.  Before you go, checkout our products to make sure your head is nice and shaved before Halloween night.

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