6 reasons you should shave your head with oil

I know it sounds strange to shave your head with oil, but the Romans and Greeks were doing it for thousands of years ago.  It was 1949 when the first pressurized spray can of shaving cream was introduced and since then big businesses have been selling it.  It's time for you to upgrade your shaving and switch over to oil.  Here are 6 reasons why you need to shave with oil.


1.) Canned "goo" shaving cream is full of yucky stuff

  • Earlier this month kids in Napels, FL had a shaving cream fight and washed it off in the lake.  It made national news that the shaving cream might have caused contamination in the lake.  That's sort of scary that we put this stuff on our skin.  Here is a link to the article 


2.) Oil provides an extra layer of protection for your skin

  • Have you ever had oil on your hands and try to wash it off?  The water beads up and it doesn't come off easily does it?  That's because the oil puts a barrier between the skin and the water.  This very thin layer is the perfect barrier to provide your skin protection from the razor.  It will also help prevent razor burn and irritation.


3.) Shaving Oils come with different scents that smell great

  • Shaving creams smell like shaving cream.  It is not a repulsive scent, but also not something that you want to smell like.  Shaving oils come in a variety of different scents that smell amazing.  If you prefer no scent you can also find shaving oils scent free.


4.) Moisturizes your skin

  • Most shaving cream contains alcohol and guess what, alcohol dries out your skin leaving you dry and flaky.  Oil moisturizes your skin leaving it nice and smooth and without flakes.  Many oils contain additional ingredients like Vitamin E that provides additional moisturization.


5.) No need for aftershave

  • Aftershave acts as an astringent to reduce skin irritation, but shaving with oil prevents irritation in the first place.


6.) A little goes a long way

  • You only need a few drops of oil to shave your head.  A 1oz/30ml bottle will last you for months and prices range from $15 - $30 per bottle.


SirHare.com has created a line of head shaving oils for guys that shave their heads.  We spent months formulating our oils on our heads for your heads.  Our oils also work great on your face and your wife will love it on her legs, but don't tell her or you will need to buy some more.  


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