Balding is not the end of the world

What defines a Bald Guy?

The word bald has a negative connotation, but in fact bald guys are just like everyone else.  We are just men that have genetics that cause our hair to fall out instead of continuing to grow.  We work, love, and live just like guys with hair.    

Some of us try to hide our baldness with comb overs, hats, or using medicine to regrow it.  Others embrace our bald heads by shaving them and are proud of being the men we are.  Some people fear that balding will cause issues in your career or love life, but you control what affects your life and not your hair or lack thereof.  

Confidence is key and being bald is no different than being short, tall, skinny, or fat.  These traits should not define who we are, we must define who we are.  I know going bald is not easy and I remember the real fears that went through my head when my hair started falling out.

I'm here to tell you that the journey is really not that bad.  I shaved my head about 10 years ago and wouldn't want hair if there was a miracle drug today.  Depending on where you are with your hair loss this might not be easy to understand, but I speak from experience and truly love and embrace being bald today.

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Good luck on your journey!

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Paul Lucchi
Paul Lucchi

May 25, 2015

I started loosing my hair 20 years ago so o gave up and started shaving my head! Good to know there are websites for us people….. Thanks

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