Stages of balding

Going bald is no joke.  I won't tell you it's easy because it's not,  but it's also not the end of the world.  More than 40% of men have noticeable hair loss by the age of 35 and since you are reading this I guess you probably fall into those statistics (sorry about that, we are also a statistic).  Here is the good news, being bald in this day and age is perfectly acceptable and there are plenty of awesome guys that have paved the way to make the bald guys today much different from our father or grandfathers time.

This article is made for those that are balding and need a reference point as to where they are in the process.  There is a time in your life where being bald just doesn't bother you at all and it doesn't take long to get there, so read through the stages and identify where you are at and see whats ahead.  No pun intended.


1.) Covering it up trying to conceal your hair loss. (hat, combover, etc). If you are in this stage you might be using medicine to regrow it. You are not yet ready to shave it because you haven't accepted the fact that it is going away.  You are doing whatever you can to try and stop the madness.  Some are able to, many are not.  We recommend getting out of this stage as soon as possible.  

2.) You are beginning to see that your genetics are stronger than you are and have started to accept what is happening.  You decide to embrace it a little by going with a buzz cut. You have less hair so it appears that you are choosing to go bald. In fact you are just trying to make your hair loss less noticeable. You still might wear hats and be concerned that you will run into people that you knew you when you had hair. Trying to explain it to your family, friends, and dealing with the jokes.  Stay strong and get comfortable with your new look.  Confidence is key and the more confident you are the better it will suit you.  Once you are comfortable with your look it's time to move to stage #3.  

3.) It's part of you now and people know you as the guy that shaves his head.  It's time to step up you game and fully embrace it by shaving it with a razor.  You are a bit stronger now, but still not fully confident. Hats still go on occasionally, but it's become more part of your look.  Confidence remains the most important factor here.  If you are happy with yourself others will accept it.

4.) A year or two after #3 you are fully confident. You don't care who you see and this is the new you. With hair you realize you would look funny. The only thing you need to do now is to keep your hair groomed every few days. It's not a pretty site when whatever is left grows out.

If you have been shaving your hair for more than a year or two does this sound like the stages you went through? Anything else that I might have missed?


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