Pre Shave Oil - Is it necessary and How to use It

March 10, 2015 1 Comment

Pre Shave Oil - Is it necessary and How to use It

Pre Shave Oil

is a blend of oils that is applied directly to your skin prior to shaving.  It goes on prior to shaving cream or shaving soap and provides moisturizing properties and protection during the shave.

It is most commonly available in a small bottle since a few drops go a long way.  The combination of oils will vary based on manufacturer, so each recipe will have varying effects on your shave.  Some are also scented with either essential oils or fragrance oils.  If you have sensitive skin you might want to go with a fragrance free pre shave oil.

How to use pre shave oil

Prepare your skin as you normally would prior to shaving.  Washing your skin to remove oils, dirt, and exfoliating to remove dead skin cells.  A simple washcloth and soap will be sufficient to take care of this prep.  Rinse the soap from your skin and leave it moist for the next steps.

At this point your skin is prepped and it’s time to apply the pre shave oil. Your hands should still be damp after rinsing your face, so take 3-5 drops of oil in your hands and gently rub them together.  The oil will be covering your palms, so proceed by gently rubbing the oils on your face to cover the area you plan to shave.  Let it remain on your face for a minute.

Now you are ready to apply (on top of the pre shave oil) your normal shaving soap, shaving cream, or whatever else you use for shaving.

Shaving with oil tends to clog the razor a bit, but this is normal.  Just rinse it more often during the shave.

Once you are finished rinse your face with cold water to close your pores and you should be left with a great shave and a nice smooth face with no razor burn.

Best Pre Shave Oil for Sensitive Skin

The base oils in pre shave are usually very gentle and even the most sensitive skin is not bothered by them.  If you have extremely sensitive skin I recommend looking for fragrance free pre shave oil.  The fragrance doesn’t provide any benefit to the shave other than smelling nice.  If your skin gets irritated easily then just skin the fragrance and you should be good to go.

Is Pre Shave oil necessary?

It’s not, but neither is shaving cream, shaving soap, or even a razor.  It’s possible to shave with an axe, so when it comes to shaving nothing is a necessity.  

There are several benefits that come from using a pre shave oil.  The additional layer of protection while shaving and the moisturizing properties are a few examples.  

If you are happy with your current shave and the fell of your skin afterwards you might not need pre shave.  If you would like to get a better shave then it’s worth a try to see if you like it or not.  

Shaving oil vs Shaving cream

You can shave with either oil or cream, however they are meant to be used in conjunction with each other.  Oil then Cream and you are ready to shave.

Where to buy Pre Shave Oil

Pre shave oil can be found here with other mens grooming products on Sir Hare and at most major retailers including CVS, Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

Pre Shave Oil Reviews

Checkout or Shaving Oils and you’ll find customer reviews for each of the pre shave oils

Pre Shave Oil Recipe

If you are more of a DIY’er then you might be interested in making your own recipe.  It’s not that difficult and also fun if you are into that type of thing.  Most people think they will save money and on paper you can.  In reality it is a different story.

The thing with shaving oil is you don’t need very much and in order to save you’ll need to buy larger quantities of product.  If you want to make it for you and your friends then it might start breaking even.  

A simple recipe is 2 parts castor and 1 part olive oil.  We don't use olive oil at Sir Hare due to the scent.  It works, but you might smell like a skillet :)

Checkout or Shaving oils if you would rather drop a couple bucks and save yourself the effort.

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Alan M.
Alan M.

June 26, 2015

This was my first time using Sir Hare head shave oil and classic scent shaving soap. Great shave! Mindy said the shave oil works great as a preshave oil (if you don’t have a bald head), and that’s just what I did. I love the smell of this oil! Great performance from both products, on my short list for sure. The original soap has a timeless scent…not too heavy and not exotic, just manly and strong enough to last for a while. It lathered well and left my skin feeling slick, providing for no cuts during the shave. You’ll enjoy adding these products to your rotation!

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