Shaving brush kit with Brush and Soap

Looking to get started in wet shaving?  The first step is getting a shaving brush and shaving soap.  Not sure what shaving soap and shaving brush to buy?  Look no further. 

Shaving brush kit

has the essentials to get you started. Our kit includes our Classic Barber Shaving Soap and a high quality Shaving Brush. This Shaving kit will get you into the world of Shaving Soaps and you'll never go back to regular shaving once you do.

The Shaving Brush exfoliates your skin and the Shaving Soap provides excellent protection while shaving and leaves your skin smooth and moisturized afterwards.

We understand that when starting out in wet shaving it's difficult to decide on what you need.  We make it simple with the two essentials in one package.

Buy it and if you don't love it, we will refund your purchase.  It's as simple as that.  If you have any questions, just ask.  We are here to help you.