Purist Head Shaving Oil

Our Purist line of shaving oil is made for guys with sensitive skin, so only the best mixture of oils to provide an excellent shave with a hint of the natural scent of tea tree.
  • Our head shaving oil is a shaving cream alternative made for your bald head. Other shaving products may provide a decent shave, but they dry out your scalp. Our head shaving oils provide an excellent shave and moisturize your scalp without leaving it oily or greasy. 
  • The Purist line was made for guys with sensitive skin, so no fragrances other than a hint of the natural scent of tea tree.
  • Romans shaved with oil thousands of years ago.  Unfortunately big companies got into the shaving business and introduced aerosol cans with ingredients that should never touch your skin. 

    Age old shaving is now available to you with ingredients that are safe and healthy for your skin.  Everyone that shaves with our oil agrees that it is truly a much better way to shave your head.
  • Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, Essential oils, vitamin E, tea tree oil

    Quantity: 1oz/30ml

    A few drops is all you need. Our 1oz bottle will last you for a few months or more depending on your shaving routine.
  • Our oils are best used when you have 1-3 days of hair growth. The best way to shave is to hop in the shower and get your head wet with hot water. The hot water will soften the hair and also provide a surface to easily spread the oil across. Step away from the water and pull out the Sir Hare bottle of head shaving oil.

    Gently squeeze the bottle and put a few drops of oil in your hand. The size of a dime should be sufficient. Take your hands and rub the oil into your head like you are shampooing, you remember those days right? It will not feel like there is much on your head, but with the right combination of water and oil you will have a slick surface on your head that the razor will love to skate across.

    Start shaving and clean the razor with water every few passes. Now you are done and have a moisturized head with no irritation and it smells great.
  • Your scalp is sensitive and you are running a razor over it to shave. Protection is a must and our oils do exactly that. The oil creates a very thin layer of protection between your skin and the blades to allow for a extremely close shave, protect your head, and moisturize your dome

    The Romans were shaving with oil thousands of years ago and we have re-introduced it to modern civilization as a truly better way to shave