Matte black safety razor - Adjustable safety razor

Adjustable Matte Black Safety Razor 

6 easy settings that enable you to adjust how aggressive the shave is with just the twist of a handle.  Adjustable black razor ideal for beginners.

  • Setting 1 squeezes the razor blade between the head and the body leaving very little room between the blade and the comb.  This setting provides a mild shave.
  • Setting 6 provides a much wider gap allowing for skin to make contact with the razor blades and also a much more aggressive shave.  Be careful when using the more aggressive settings unless you are an experienced shaver.
  • 3 Piece safety razors keep the blades positioned in a fixed position. That means the razor is either aggressive, mild, or somewhere in between.  Adjustable razors allow you to customize how aggressive the razor is
  • Safety razors help prevent skin burns, bumps, and ingrown hairs.  They don't raise the hair like a normal cartridge razor.  As a result you get a much smoother and less irritating shave.
  • Matte black finish for a sleek modern look
  • If you feel like shaving is a chore, have issues with razor bumps, or are just tired of spending too much on your replacement blades, then a Safety razor is perfect for you

Razor Blades

Our adjustable razor comes with a start package of 5 razor blades.  We highly suggest picking up a sampler pack to try out different blades.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Always!

100% satisfaction guaranteed on our adjustable Safety razor. Buy with confidence!