Derby Razor Blades and Reviews

Derby Razor Blades - 5 Pack
  • 5 Pack of Derby Blades

    Use in any Double Edge Razor such as Sir Hare's Double Edge Razor

    Derby blades will provide a good 5+ shaves per blade

    This 5 pack of Derby razor blades will last about a month
  • CAUTION: All DE razor blades are dangerous and very sharp. Make sure you dispose of the used DE blades properly!

    - Insert Derby Razor blades into top of razor being careful to not touch the sharp part of the blade

    - A simple altoids container can be used to store used razor blades
  • Derby Razor Blade Review

    Here are a few comments from Derby Razor Blade users
Give the Derby Blades a try and if you don't love them, we will refund your purchase