The .16 cent head shave


  • Do you Shave your head with shaving cream, gel, or some other product made for your face?

    Have you ever tried shaving oil?  I know oil on your head doesn't sound very appealing, but it really provides an amazing shave without leaving your head oily or greasy.

    A little goes a long way and one bottle will last for 90 shaves.  That's .16 per shave and since you aren't spending money on haircuts anymore, try us out and put it in your cart.  If you don't absolutely love it let us know and receive a full refund.  

  • Here are a few benefits of shaving with our oils

    • Vitamin E moisturizes your skin
    • Grapeseed oil provides an amazing shave and also promotes skin health.
    • Does NOT leave your head oily even though it is oil
    • Unique fragrance blends leave your head smelling wonderful
    • Tea tree oil acts a natural antiseptic
    • Handcrafted batches created by head shavers and supports small business
    Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, Fragrant and Essential oils, vitamin E, tea tree oil

    Quantity: 1oz/30ml
     A little goes a long way and one bottle will last for many months. Stop abusing your head with canned shaving cream and pick up a bottle today!
  • Our oils are best used when you have 1-3 days of hair growth. The best way to shave is to hop in the shower and get your head wet with hot water. The hot water will soften the hair and also provide a surface to easily spread the oil across. Step away from the water and pull out the Sir Hare bottle of head shaving oil.

    Gently squeeze the bottle and put a few drops of oil in your hand. The size of a dime should be sufficient. Take your hands and rub the oil into your head like you are shampooing, you remember those days right? It will not feel like there is much on your head, but with the right combination of water and oil you will have a slick surface on your head that the razor will love to skate across.

    Start shaving and clean the razor with water every few passes. Now you are done and have a moisturized head with no irritation and it smells great.
  • Your scalp is sensitive and you are running a very sharp piece of metal over your skin to shave it.  Protection is a must and our oils do exactly that. The oil creates a very thin layer of protection between your skin and the blades to allow for a extremely close shave, protect your head, and moisturize your dome

    The Romans were shaving with oil thousands of years ago and we have re-introduced it to modern civilization as a truly better way to shave