Arko Shaving Soap stick - one shaving stick

Arko shaving soap stick is a legendary shaving stick from Turkey. Unwrap and start lathering
  • The Arko shaving soap history goes back to 1957. The company Evyap enters the shaving industry with the first Arko shaving soap stick.  Arko is a turkish company.

    This single shaving stick is wrapped in an aluminum paper wrapper.  Unwrap and start lathering.  Some people prefer using a shaving soap bowl due to the nature of the shaving stick not having a container to directly lather in.  Others prefer to do a handle lather and skip a shaving bowl.
  • The Arko shaving soap smell is a very distinct one.  Some people describe the sticks as fresh and clean and others describe it as more of a chemical smell, or maybe just a soapy smell. 
  • If you don't enjoy the scent you can unwrap it completely and let the exposure to air over time take care of reducing the fragrance.
  • Arko Reviews fall into two camps.  You either love it or hate it
  • Love It - the thing I like about the shave sticks is that they are small and easy to travel with, very cheap, and it's nice having a variety of shaving soaps to try.  
  • Hate It - It's really messy and once you open it up it's not so easy to travel with or store away without making a mess.  The scent is the other negative as mentioned above
  • Arko is a pretty inexpensive purchase so don't be afraid to give it a try. 
  • Use the following steps to lather your soap.

    1.) Soak your shaving brush in a bowl in water for a few minutes to hydrate the shaving brush bristles
    2.) Gently squeeze the water out of your brush to leave it wet, but not dripping.
    3.) Using a circular or painting motion load the shaving stick on the brush.
    4.) The brush will have a paste like consistency of soap on the bristles and can be applied directly to your face.
    5.) Sprinkle a few drops of water on the brush and keep working the soap on your face until it begins to build a lather.

    ** Too much water and the soap will be thin. Too little water and the soap will be thick. Find the right mix of water, soap, and technique and you won't beat this soap. Here is a complete lathering guide. Let us know if you need any help and we will be happy to guide you along the way.