How to shave your head with head shaving oil

How do I use Sir Hare oil - Our oils are best used when you have 1-3 days of hair growth. The best way to shave is to hop in the shower and get your head wet with hot water. The hot water will soften the hair and also provide a surface to easily spread the oil across.

Step away from the water and squeeze the bottle and put a 5 or so drops of oil in your hand. The size of a dime should be sufficient. Take your hands and rub the oil into your head like you are shampooing, you remember those days right?

It will not feel like there is much on your head, but with the right combination of water and oil you will have a slick surface on your head that the razor will love to skate across. Start shaving and clean the razor with water regularly.

The razor will gunk up a bit.  This is normal and expected when shaving with oil.  Just run it under warm water and shake it out.  When you first start shaving with oil it is very noticeable, but after a while it becomes part of the routine.

Sir Hare oils are made for shaving your head. They provide a great shave, smell amazing, and moisturize your head so it doesn't get all dry and flaky.  If you have never shaved with oil then you are missing out.

Go checkout out one of our amazing scents and start enjoying the best head shave that you've never had.

Show me some shaving oil...