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Wooden Soap Holder - Cyprus wood soap saver

Wooden Soap tray

is the perfect soap holder, soap dish, soap saver, or whatever you want to call it.  Our soap saver has 6 water channels cut with one purpose.  That's right, they drain away the water keeping the soap dry and longer lasting. 
Some people will tell you that it lasts 2x as long.  Not sure if that is true or not, but it sure reduces the amount of soap that gets stuck to your shower, sink, and wherever else you normally store your soap.

Cypress Soap Holder

Our Soap holder It's made with Cypress.  Cypress wood is an excellent wood that has a special property.  It is naturally rot-resistant.  That means it can sit in our shower and get wet all the time without rotting.  Pretty neat huh? 

Give one a try and see how much longer your soap lasts. Don't forget to pickup a man soap while your at it

We put pictures of things on the soap holder so you can get a better sense of the size.  It's 3"x5" in case you like measuring stuff. 
*Only the soap dish is included. Razor, Soap, and Arko not included for those that like reading the small print.