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Safety Razor by Sir Hare

Safety razors

provide a closer shave that is smoother and more enjoyable than other types of razors.  Our closed comb double edge DE razor is a 3-piece design with a knurled handle and built to last.  The length of the handle is about 3.5 inches so not to long and not too short.

Safety Razor Blades

Your razor will come with a package of blades so you can start shaving immediately.  We recommend picking up a few different types of blades or our sampler pack. Not everyone likes the same ones. It's best to test different blades until you find one to match your skin type and shaving preferences.

Our razors all use any standard double edge blade.  Just simply place your fingers on the side of the head “not where the blade is exposed” and twist counterclock-wise.  The head will twist off the handle and the blade fits between the two pieces.

How often you change the blades is up to you.  Some people change them after every shave and others wait a much longer time.  We recommend changing every few shaves for the best performance.  Be careful when you remove an old sharp blade.  Just make sure you properly dispose of the blades when you are done in a blade bank.  

How to use a Safety Razor

Later your face up with a good quality shave soap and wet the razor.  Start by shaving with the grain.  In other words in the same direction as your hair grows.  Take time to find the right angle while going slow and without using pressure.  The weight of the razor is plenty to do the work.

Clean the razor by rinsing it off to clear the soap and whiskers after each pass.  Your first few shaves will likely result in a few knicks while you figure out your technique.  It’s worth the effort, so be patient and careful to not rush.

As you become more experienced you'll begin noticing that shaving starts becoming an enjoyable experience.  It's a little escape and a throwback to times when things were simpler.  

Some other shaving products that are commonly purchased together are aftershave, styptic pen, shaving brush, and pick out the replacement blades for you.


  • 3-Piece design
  • Kurled handle
  • Heavy Duty Razor
  • Include pack of double edge razor blades


  • Help reduce razor bumps and rashes typical after shaving
  • Reduce waste by not using disposable razors
  • Smooth shave with less irritation