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Where to buy a Safety Razor - How to pick a safety razor guide

Where to buy a Safety Razor - How to pick a safety razor guide

Where to buy a Safety razor

Safety razors also known as double edge or single edge razors can be purchased from eBay, Amazon, small independent retailers like SirHare.com, and your local Target or Walmart might also carry one or two safety razors in stock

Before going out and buying a safety razor

I suggest using the following guidelines to determine what is the best safety razor to purchase.

Should I buy a new or used Safety Razor?

If you are new to shaving with a safety razor, I suggest buying a new one.  The main reason is that sometimes older vintage safety razors will have problems that might not be obvious to the first time user.  If you get a bad razor then your first shaving experience will not be very enjoyable.

It’s best to start with a new safety razor

Get familiar with the way they shave, and once you feel comfortable shaving with them it’s fine to start searching your local thrift stores or antique shops for bargain double edge razors

How much does a safety razor cost?

You can spend as little or as much as you want on a safety razor.  I found a razor for as low as $3.22 and as high as a few hundred bucks.  As a beginner I wouldn’t recommend either price point since you’ll get junk or a precision machined safety razor that you might not appreciate.
I would try to find a razor between $15 and $30.  Price is not the only factor, but this should be a good indicator.

Should I buy open comb, closed comb, slant?

Don’t worry about trying to figure out the differences now.  Just find a razor that fits your budget and buy it.  You’ll waste time trying to understand what is best and finally realize that you probably can’t tell a difference until you use it.  It’s more important to just buy one and start shaving and learning

What about handle size, short, fat, long?

These are also small details that do make difference, but for the first time shaver it doesn’t.  Don’t worry about it, just get one :)
Good luck on your journey into wet shaving.  It really provides a much better shave at a fraction of the cost.  
Here is the Safety Razor by Sir Hare, which includes 5 safety razor blades to get started and each will last you 3-5 shaves.  It also includes a no hassle money back guarantee, so if you don’t love it just let them know and you get a refund.

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