Wet Shaving Products for men

January 10, 2016

Wet Shaving Products for Men

I've been shaving for many years and never really gave much thought to the razor or shaving cream that I used.  It was just a routine that I followed in the mornings because that's what guys do I guess.  

The first time I started reading about wet shaving products I really had no idea what that meant.  I used a cartridge razor and shaved with shaving cream and wet my razor to clean it off, maybe this was wet shaving.  

Could there be such a thing as dry shaving?  I was really clueless, but after seeing this term time wet shaving time and time again I realized it was associated with shaving brushes, shaving soaps, and double edge razors.

Technically if you shave with water you are wet shaving, but we will just define it as the use of traditional shaving products such as a shaving soap, shaving brush, and double edge and or straight razor.

The more I learned about wet shaving products the more I became interested.  I'm a sucker for auctions and antique stores.  There is something about old stuff that really interests me and wet shaving products fell into this category.

I started buying new and antique wet shaving products and eventually launched our own line of wet shaving products at Sir Hare.  The journey has been fun so far and we continue learning as each day goes by.  

If you are looking for a way to improve your shave then wet shaving is for you.  It's hands down a better way to shave than what you are probably doing today, so here is everything you need to know to get started.

Wet Shaving Products 

The most common products you will find in a wet shavers den (aka bathroom) are:  Shaving soap, shaving brush, Safety razor and blades, aftershave, and a stypic pencil.

Shaving Soap

Shaving Soap - A shaving soap is just what it sounds like.  It's a soap, but not just any soap.  It has special ingredients that cause the soap to create a thick creamy lather that protects your skin while shaving.  It also has ingredients helping moisturize your skin and they are usually scented with a fragrance that can smell amazing.

A typical 4 ounce shaving soap will last for hundreds of shaves and usually runs about $10 to $15 dollars for a puck of shaving soap.  It's no doubt cost effective, but only if you can resist the urge to buy the latest and greatest shaving soaps on the market.

 Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush - A shaving brush is used to transform shaving soap from a dry circular piece of soap, to a soft creamy lather that can be applied to your face for shaving.  This is done by soaking the shaving brush in a bowl of water to hydrate the bristles.

The shaving soap is loaded on the shaving brush by agitating the surface of the soap with the damp shaving brush in a painting motion or circular motion.  Once loaded small amounts of water are added to the shaving brush to thin out the soap while it is being applied to your skin.  The water and soap mixture and air from the brushing creates tiny bubbles that produce the lather in the soap.

Shaving brush bristles are typically made from one of three types of material.  Synthetic, Boar Hair, or Badger Hair.  There are pros and cons of each that we won't cover in this post and the opinions vary drastically depending on who you are talking to.

Safety Razor

Safety Razor - Although you don't need to have a special razor to get into wet shaving, most wet shavers use traditional safety razors or straight razors.  There are many different types of razors such as double edge (DE) razors, Single edge (SE) razors, Slant razors, different combinations of handle length, razor weight, open comb, closed comb, and the list goes on and on.  Probably best to be covered in another post. 


Aftershave - After you are done shaving you need to close up your pores and cleanse any ares that might have been cut while shaving.  Some aftershaves will burn like crazy because they use an alcohol base and others are more soothing with a non-alcohol base.  Either way it's a good idea to give yourself a splash with your favorite aftershave to complete your shave. 

Stypic pencil - You shouldn't need this product for every shave and if you do then something is wrong.  Stypic pens are used to stop a cut from bleeding, so do keep your styptic pen handy and also plan to never use it.

These are the most common Wet Shaving products that people use and if you are interested in getting into wet shaving checkout our Wet Shave Kit.  It includes everything you need to get started.  Be warned that this can be very addictive and soon you'll have a collection of razors, soaps, and after shave :)

Welcome to the world of wet shaving!

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