Solid Cologne - A new and better cologne for men

Solid Cologne

Men's Solid Cologne

Spray cologne or eau de toilette are the most common type of mens cologne.  Solid cologne was something that I only learned about a few years ago.  There are several benefits to solid cologne including cost, portability, and lasting power.

What is Solid Cologne

Exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a solid typically made from wax, oil, and fragrance rather than an aftershave or cologne spray.  The solid product is applied by using your fingers and placed on your pulse points.  More about pulse points later.

History of Cologne

Back in the early 1700’s a chemist by the name of Johann Maria Farina created the a perfume factory.  The factory was located in the city of Cologne Germany.  His first product was named to honor the city and was known as Eau de Cologne.  The phrase translates into Water of Cologne.

The popularity of Cologne skyrocketed in the 18th century and the term cologne became a generic household name.  Today it is used to represent all of the fragrances we know and love.  

His factory is still running in Germany today and still produces what is called the original Eau De Cologne

How to use solid cologne

Pulse points are areas on your skin where you can feel your heartbeat.  The most common locations are on the inside of your wrists, the base of your throat, and also at the base of your ear lobes.  

The heat generated at the pulse points help diffuse and intensify the fragrance.  You know those scentsy things that are used to make your home smell better?  It uses the same basic concept.  Heat + Wax + Oil + Fragrance = Smells amazing.

Applying solid cologne is much different than regular spray cologne.  Gently rub your fingers across the product to get a small amount about pea size or smaller and apply directly to your pulse points.  Reapply as necessary

Pros and Cons of Solid Cologne

    Solid Men's Cologne typically runs anywhere from $25 - $40 for a 1/2 ounce container.  On the low end the $25 price point vs regular cologne spray is a great deal.

    This is not something you normally think about when it comes to cologne.  Most of the time a cologne spray will sit in a bathroom cabinet and get used in the morning and before the night out on the town.  Solid cologne on the other hand is very portable.  It is usually packaged in small containers that fit in your pocket easily.  It’s TSA friendly and will not be a problem to take on a plane.
Lasting Power
    When using regular cologne spray the main ingredient is alcohol and it quickly evaporates leaving just the fragrances on your skin.  Solid cologne is a mix of oils, wax, and fragrance that do not evaporate.  The product soaks in your skin and provides a longer lasting lingering fragrance.

Where to buy solid cologne

    Sir Hare recently launched our Wing Man Solid cologne.  As always our products are backed with 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Love it or your money back.

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