Shave before or after shower - What is the best way to shave?

December 01, 2016

Shave Before Or After Shower

Although there isn’t a direct relationship to showering and shaving, most men perform all of their bathroom grooming duties at once.  

To Shave before or after shower - that is the question

Some men shave while in the shower, others like to wait until after the shower before shaving, and some guys even shave before showering.  Just like most choices there are pros and cons no matter which shaving routine you choose, so lets explore the differences so you can make a more informed shave and showering decision.

Shave before shower - 

This is a great option to rinse the little hairs off of your skin, however you should always wash and rinse your whiskers prior to shaving.  By washing first you remove dirt and oils from the hair and skin.  You also hydrate the whiskers, which softens them and provides an easier shave.  

Shaving in the shower- 

    If I’m in a hurry then shaving in the shower is my preferred type of shave.  You benefit from washing and hydrating your whiskers and also rinse off all the hairs that might get trapped under the neckline of your shirt.  
The downside is the inconvenience of not having a full sized mirror.  If you use a shaving brush it’s just not as easy, so although quick and good it’s not enjoyable or convenient                                                            

Shave after shower

    I would consider this the ultimate shaving experience.  Your skin is clean, the hairs are moisturized and free of oil and ready to shave.  The full sized mirror is in front of you to see what you are doing and plenty of space on the bathroom sink to easily access all of your shaving gear.
    In order to rinse the hair off just turn your water to cold and not only remove the unwanted hairs, but also closes your pores.
    The extra benefit of shaving after showering is you’ll have more of the lingering scent from your shaving soap or shaving oil throughout the day.
    It takes a bit more time, but this is my preferred method.
As you can see there is no right or wrong answer as to what is the best time to shave before or after shower.  I’ll go with shave after shower with all things considered.
What is your preferred shaving experience?

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