Organic Natural Male Grooming Products

October 16, 2016

Organic Natural Male Grooming Products

Why I use Organic and Natural Male Grooming Products

As a lifelong wet shaver, I understand the importance of using quality male grooming products better than many other men. While some men may be ok with using plastic throwaway razors and cheap canned goop on their face, wet shaving enthusiasts like myself know that there is a better way. More importantly, we also know that with wet shaving, the quality of the product almost always correlates directly to the closeness and overall quality of the shave. That is why I use a quality safety razor as well as a top notch shaving cream or shaving soap such as Sir Hare’s Old Fashioned Shaving Soap.

Luckily for me, I was not only raised on wet shaving, but I was also fortunate to grow up in small beach town; in a family of nature lovers and in an area where natural living was the norm. We gardened, fished and bought organic natural foods best as we could. This has given me a huge appreciation and respect for the environment, and from an early age, I developed a great interest in protecting our beautiful planet.

I have invested a lot of time researching green living and natural/organic products, which has allowed me to better understand that it's not just the planet we damage with all of our modern, man-made chemical ingredients, but our own bodies as well. Just as dumping those things in a river could severely harm the fish, plants and wildlife, putting those same chemicals on your skin or in your body can also wreak havoc on our balance, harmony, health and overall wellbeing.

It's great that so many more people are trying to eat organic food nowadays and are generally taking more of a concern about the impact they have on the environment, but simply eating organic isn't enough.  The time is now for us to take a stand to stop the damage that chemical cosmetics are doing to the planet and ourselves, which is why Prim & Prep has created this infographic on the benefits of using organic skincare ingredients to help spread the word. This is also why I'm so happy to support a company like Sir Hare that understands the importance and benefits of using organic and naturally sourced ingredients.


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