How to put a blade in a safety razor

How to put a blade in a safety razor
Inserting a new blade in a safety razor or replacing an old DE blade is very simple.  The entire process only takes a few seconds to change out the blade.  Just remember that double edge blades are razor sharp on two sides and easy to cut yourself if not careful. 

How to put a blade in a safety razor

Inserting a new blade or replacing an old one is very simple.  There are several types of safety razors including single edge razors, double edge razors with either adjustable or 3 piece design.  We will explain the different methods depending on the type of safety razor.

What is a DE razor blade

A DE razor blade is also known as a double edge razor blade.  It is a rectangular shape with a sharp edge on both of the long edges (hence the name double edge).  These razor blade are used in DE razors also known as double edge razors.

3 Piece Safety Razor blade removal

Razors that can be replaced like this: Sir Hare 3 piece safety razor 
You'll want to grip the head with one hand while holding the handle in the other.  Using a counter clockwise motion twist off the handle and place it on the counter.  Use both hands to separate the head paying careful attention to the blade and the sharp edges.  

Make sure you notice the way the head fits together because it is possible to put it on incorrectly and the razor will not function correctly.

Replace the old blade and sandwich a new one back between the two pieces of the head.  Screw the handle back on and viola you're all done.  


Adjustable Safety razor blade replacement option 1

Razors that can be replaced like this: Gillette Super speed

For adjustable razors you'll hold the middle to the top of the handle and the other hand on the end of the handle.  Begin twisting the bottom of the handle counter-clockwise while holding the middle part of the handle firm.

The top of the razor will open up.  Once it fully opens remove the old DE blade, rinse it out, and replace with a new blade.

Perform the inverse of the activities to secure it in place.  Holding the middle of the handle firm and twisting the bottom part of the handle clockwise to close the head.

Adjustable Safety razor blade replacement option 2

Razors that can be replaced like this:  Sir Hare adjustable safety razor

Some adjustable razors don't have the twist on and off option I mentioned in the last step.  The way you replace the blades in these razors is to pull the top off.

Hold the top on the sides firmly with one hand (the site of the razor head where the blade is not exposed).

Use the other hand to firmly hold the handle and you'll pull the head directly up.  This requires a bit of effort and uncomfortable the first time doing it.  You'll replace the blade and pop the head back on in place just the inverse of removing it.  

Single edge razor blade removal

Razors that can be replaced like this:  GEM, GEM Junior

Single edge or SE have a few differences.  The first is the blade is single edge and not two sided.  Most commonly called just a razor blade.  It's important to note because you cannot use a double edge blade in a single edge razor.  You also cannot use single edge blade in a double edge razor.

Just make sure you have the right blade for the razor.

Replacing the blade on a single edge is also very simple.  The head usually can be pushed down on the back side and it opens up allowing for an easy replacement.  

Getting rid of the old blades

Don't throw the used blade in the garbage.  You can make a DIY blade bank or buy one for a few bucks.  Checkout our article on How to dispose of de razor blades to make sure you are not putting others at danger with careless disposal.

    How often to change safety razor blades

    The short and sweet answer is between 3-5 shaves. This is a very common question we get asked.  The answer is it all depends on many factors.  Sure it can last much longer and you can also change it after each shave if you wish, however this is a very generic guideline that holds true across most blades.

    Brand new blades seem to be a bit too sharp in my opinion, I like to get at least a single shave before feeling like the blade has broken in.  More than 5 shaves and it seems like the blade has exceeded the lifespan.

    There are plenty of people that try to extend the life of their blades and will tell you that the entire year of shaving was done on a single blade.  If you haven't heard ymmv (your mileage may vary) now is the time to learn it.  Simply means what works for someone else may or may not work for you.  Find out what works for you with experiencing it and making a decision.

    Blades are inexpensive enough, checkout our double edge razor blades collection and sample them until you find your favorite.

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