How to get rid of razor bumps on your neck

January 27, 2017

How to get rid of razor bumps on your neck

Red bumps after shaving are no fun.  It's not a pleasant feeling or look to have them. Learn how to get rid of razor bumps on your neck.  This article provides some simple tips and tricks to help you and your neck out.

Razor Burn vs Razor Bumps

If the red bumps are more like red patches on your skin then you probably have razor burn.  If the red bumps are raised and almost zit like you probably have an razor bumps also known as ingrown hairs.  Once you identify what type of redness you have after a shave we can move on to treating the red bumps.


What causes Razor burn?

The neck is one of the more sensitive areas when shaving.  When you do the razor blade is slicing off the hair extremely close to your skin.  You'll get razor burn on your neck for a few different reasons.  

  1. Not prepping your skin
  2. Not enough lubrication between the razor and skin
  3. Pressing too hard on the razor while shaving.  This creates unnecessary friction between the razor and skin.
  4. Shaving against the grain
All of the above cause irritation to the skin resulting in red patches of skin known as razor burn. 


How to prevent Razor Burn

There are several ways to help reduce your chances of razor burn.  Prepping before the shaving and proper aftercare will help prevent razor burn.

Hydrate your Skin

Prior to shaving it's extremely important to prep your skin.  You'll want to hydrate your neck area, which will make it much more forgiving during the shave.  The hydration will also soften the hairs and allow for an easier shave.  

In order to hydrate your skin before shaving you'll need to do one of the following

  1. Shower first with warm water
  2. Wash/rinse the area to be shaved at your sink
  3. Use a hot towel similar to what barbershops do.  Soak a towel in hot water, ring it out and lay it over the area to be shaved.

Shaving Products

Use a product or products that have natural oils to create a protective barrier between the razor blade and your skin.  Shaving oils, pre shave oils, and Shaving soaps are all great products.  They will both moisturize your skin and provide excellent protection during the shave


Don't shave over the same area more than once.  Multiple passes on the same area increases the chance for irritation.  

If you must go over the same area, reapply your shaving products before doing so.  Just make sure not to use pressure.  Let the weight of the razor do the job and just guide it.  If you press too hard the razor will scrape your skin and irritate it.

Shave the hair with the grain to prevent cutting the hair below the skin.  If you shave across the grain or against the grain it will cut the hair shorter.

The shorter the hair the better the chances it can cause irritation to the skin.

Razor Blade

The newer the razor blade is the easier it is to knick yourself, but it also reduces the possibility of getting razor burn.  Try using a new razor blade and don't use blades for more than 3-5 shaves.

Best After Shave lotion for razor bumps 

Once you are done shaving, you'll want to apply some after shave lotion.  The lotion will help sooth the skin and prevent additional irritation.  

Since you have sensitive skin I recommend staying away from aftershave with alcohol in it.  Look for an aftershave lotion without alcohol so it doesn't dry out your skin.


Your neck will appreciate you following the above steps.  Most are basic common sense items that if done will improve your shave and help prevent razor bumps.

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