Gifts for men who have everything

I'm buying this shaving kit as a gift for my man that has everything

Looking for a gift but your man already has everything?

Ladies if you are looking at gifts for men who have everything then you have come to the right spot.  We are going to help you understand a little bit better your guys needs and then help you with the perfect gift for him.

Most men buy things themselves before you can give it as a gift

If your man is like most then he probably always has something in his mind that he wants.  It might be a car, a motorcycle, ticket to the game, a new big boy toy, tools, flashlights, guns, and other random stuff that you think is nothing but a waste of money.
It’s not his fault, it is just the way he is wired.  We just want things and if we have money we usually go out and buy those things leaving you left with no ideas when it comes to buying a gift for our birthday, christmas, fathers day, or any other gift giving occasion.

7 steps to identify the perfect gift

I’ll give you a sneak peek side inside a guys head and tell you everything you need to know about finding him the perfect gift.
Phase 1.) He finds something he wants.  It could be watching a commercial, seeing a friend have something, or just a random thought that pops in his head about something.  This could be the perfect gift for you to buy, but you need to be able to identify it and then buy the gift before he does.
Phase 2.) Now that the idea is in his mind the next thing will be the research phase.  He will search and read about it and the more he does the more the desire for that thing increases.  
Phase 3.) He now wants it and there is no turning back, but he needs to run it by you.  He also knows the first attempt will not work, so he thinks about how to drop a hint without directly asking for it.  It will be hard to identify because he is a smart guy that will try to make you think it’s your idea.  If you pay attention closely you’ll catch it.  

Example gift idea hints

    Let’s say he wants a drone and already made it through the first  2 phases.  Here is how he will hint to you.  The two of you are walking and he says wouldn’t it be cool to have a drone that can hover above us and take pictures and videos of us walking with each other.  Those would make really good memories down the road.
    See how he makes the idea of a drone appealing to you and not something that he just wants.  That’s Phase 3.
Phase 4.)  He will not hint to much and become obvious.  The right thing to do now is for him to hear your response and wait it out.  He can’t get too excited or you will catch on.  It’s a waiting game
Phase 5.)  It’s time to drop another hint about it, so again he will wait for an opportunity to mention the drone he wants.  
Phase 6.)  He waits again for it to soak in.  If you didn’t catch the drift on the first attempt you are sure to catch it on the second.  Your answer is probably still no, but you might be softening up.
Phase 7+)  There is no stopping him now.  He is on a mission to get that thing he wants.  The phases will continue until he buys it or you buy it for him, but there is no end.  It’s a game that he is going to win.

Wrap up

If you are able to identify the hints you are on your way to finding the gift for the man who has everything.  If you didn’t catch on or if he already bought everything he wants then checkout our Wet Shaving Kit because even the guy that has everything needs to look and smell his best 😃

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