Best Facial Moisturizer for Men

Best Facial Moisturizer for Men

Do Men really use moisturizer on their face?

Many years ago most men would tell you that the best moisturizer for them was shaving cream.  Over time shaving cream has morphed into a product that doesn't do much for moisturizing your skin at all.  In fact, most shaving creams and gels have alcohol that dry out your skin.

If you are more into traditional shaving with shaving soap you still get the benefits that our grandfathers had, but in case you don't I'll give you some tips that will keep your skin moisturized and prevent flaking and dry patches that nobody likes to have.

Face Cream or Face Lotion

Now that the winter months are coming the air becomes much drier and your skin becomes much more susceptible to itching and flaking off.


The options for moisturizers are all over the place and it's difficult to determine what is the best thing for your skin, so let's discuss the difference between a lotion and cream and what is best for the drier winter months.

Face Lotion benefits

Facial lotions are a blend of oil and water, but much thinner and easier to spread across your skin.  This is because there is a much higher water content and lower oil content.

Due to the high amount of water content lotions also easily evaporate and in the winter months can dry out your skin.

Face Cream benefits

A facial cream or just cream is also a combination of oil and water similar to lotion.  The big difference is the amount of oil vs water.  They are much thicker than lotion and have a much higher oil content.

The higher oil ratio means that they are also not as easy to spread on your skin and it also doesn't evaporate as easy.

It is best to apply a facial cream after showering when your skin is hydrated and the oil can help lock in the water already on your face and provide a protective moisturized layer on top.

DIY or Buy a moisturizer ?

There are plenty of DIY recipes for mens skin care products and you'll find plenty of options online.  If you like the idea of creating stuff on your own give it a shot.  It will usually cost more up front, but long term you can save.

If you prefer not to hassle with the trial and error and the mess that DIY creates your probably better off just buying a product from a reputable mens grooming company.

Sir Hare does not offer a facial moisturizer at this time, but we do recommend NIVEA Men Creme 5.3 Ounce.  It's relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at most local retailers such as Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and online at Amazon.




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