Are you tired of paying $4 for your razor blades?

Ever wondered why replacement razor cartridges cost $32 and the razor is only $10?

It's the perfect business model for razor companies and you have no choice but to keep buying.

Go ahead and browse the razor section in your nearest store and look for something to shave your face that isn't disposable or a cartridge, good luck!

What happened to the razors that grandpa used and the blades that cost pennies instead of dollars to use?

You'll be hard pressed to find these in stores, but they are still around. In fact many informed consumers have put aside their cartridges forever and now enjoy amazing shaves where the replacement blades only cost 10 cents a piece.

If you are sick of paying ridiculous amounts on your cartridges and looking for a better and more cost effect way of shaving then I'll help educate you a bit more.

The razors that I'm referring to are called safety razors. These are the razors that our parents, grandparents, and possibly even great grandparents used. They are typically made from stainless steel and last a VERY long time.

Blades are double edged razor blades and ANY double edge razor blade can be used in the razor. This is important because you are NOT stuck buying from a specific company. If you don't like a blade just switch to another brand and keep using the same razor.

There is a catch and I'll explain what it is.

Safety razors have a bit of a learning curve before you will feel comfortable using them. At first you might knick yourself, but once you get the hang of it you will get a superior shave and shaving will honestly turn into an experience rather than a chore. Not to mention the money you will save from buying replacement blades. Instead of $32 for 8 cartridges you will pay about $10 for 100 blades.

Safety razors come in many shapes and sizes and picking out your first safety razor can be intimidating. Here is very simple advice to help you pick out your first safety razor.

  1. Don't over think it.  It's very easy to start reading all the articles about safety razors and get confused.  You just need to get started and don't want a piece of junk razor and also don't want to spend a fortune.

  2. All you need is a basic closed comb, 3 piece safety razor.

  3. Sir Hare Big Bubba Safety razor is a good quality safety razor that is less than $20 bucks and will get you started.  Just ask for a sample pack of 5 blades when you order and they will ship them with your order at no charge.  


If you are not ready to invest a tiny bit of effort to improve your shave routine then they are probably not for you. Some people would rather use the cartridges that they use today and there is nothing wrong with them, but you will pay 10x in the long run and never experience a proper shave.

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