At Sir Hare our philosophy is simple.  Premium grooming products where our customers are part of our family.  I don't like saying 100% satisfaction guaranteed because it sounds like an infomercial, but wait theres more :).  Really, if you see something you like buy it.  If for some reason you get it and don't absolutely love it just let us know and we will make it right.

Our business started with head shaving oil for men that shaved their heads.  I shave my head and wanted to introduce a better way to shave your head.  Since then we fell in love with traditional shaving and have expanded our product line to include not just head shaving products, but also shaving soaps and razors that are great for your face, head, and anything else you want to shave.  We still carry our head shaving oil if you shave your head your not only awesome, but you also have to check it out :)

Traditional shaving is rewinding the clock and going back to a time where shaving was an experience.  It wasn't a bottle full of shaving cream with ingredients that shouldn't be on your skin, it wasn't a plastic razor that you threw in the landfill.  This was a time when you lathered up your shaving soap into a thick and rich lather that protected your face.  Your safety razor was safer than a straight razor, but still had to be handled with care.  It had a single blade to shave and not some fancy rotating bobble headed razor.  Aftershave burned like hell, but it sure woke you up.  Now that's traditional shaving at it's best and what you can experience with Sir Hare.

We know all about shaving because not only do we shave our face, but also our heads.  That's twice the amount of shaving that most people do, so yeah you could call us experts when it comes to the perfect shave.

What's up with that rabbit? - The rabbit is actually a hare, yes there is a difference.  Anyway, we wanted something quirky, so an old school barber shop feel, and a play on words.  My wife called me one day and said "what do you think about the name Sir Hare?"  "We can dress the hare up and make him look like an old school barber."  We think it's brilliant and hope you do too.

Are you ready to buy the best shaving products to shave your face, head, and whatever else you shave? Let's Go Shopping then.





Can you bring a razor on a plane?

August 18, 2016

You've just booked your flight and thinking about packing your suitcase and dopp kit with all of the things you will need for your trip. Toothbrush, Check Toothpaste, Check Deodorant, Check Razor, Ummmm Can you bring a razor on a plane?  What about packing your double edge razor and razor blades?  Does shaving soap need to be put in checked luggage? I have spent plenty of time in airports flying domestically and internationally. I recently took a few trips and can report back about my experiences with TSA and going through security with my shaving soap, brush, Safety razor, and DE razor blades. Here is my experience with four different flights both domestic and international from very small to very large...

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