Shaving Soap - Third Eye

A premium shaving soap with a wonderful Sandalwood and Vanilla scent. Made for your face, but feel free to shave your head and join the club. Lather up and enjoy!
  • Enjoy the sweet, warm, rich fragrance of our Sandalwood and Vanilla Shaving Soap or as we like to call it "Third Eye."  Sandalwood is known to help realign your mind, body, spirit, and claims to even open your Third Eye.  Shaving is now an experience and no longer a chore.
  • Our Handmade Tallow Soaps are 4oz and packaged in a custom Sir Hare tin with waterproof labels.
  • Our Third Eye shaving soap is made with the following ingredients:

    Distilled water | Potassium hydroxide | Sodium hydroxide | Tallow | Stearic acid from Palm | Refined shea butter | Coconut oil | Safflower oil | Mango butter | Essential and Fragrance oils
  • Use the following steps to lather your soap.

    1.) Soak your shaving brush in a bowl in hot water, leaving the soap dry
    2.) After a few minutes of soaking empty the bowl, squeeze the water out of your brush to where it is almost dry.
    3.) Begin loading brush from puck
    4.) Using the same bowl that you soaked your brush with (should be a tiny bit of water in it). Start creating the lather
    5.) Add a drop or two of water at a time to the brush if required.