Beanie | Cool Hats to keep your head warm

  • Chances are you've heard the saying that you lose more heat from your head than anywhere else. What nobody tells you is the reason for this is because your head isn't covered. If you didn't wear pants then guess what part of your body would be the coldest?

    Guys need something to keep their head from freezing in the winter and this beanie by neff does just that.  It's nice and soft on that smooth dome and doesn't itch like other beanies. You will also love the way it fits and how it looks.

    What are you waiting for? Stop freezing your noggin.
  • This beanie is a standard knit beanie made with 100% acrylic.

    No itchy, scratchy head when wearing this beanie. Just a nice warm head.

    One size fits all, with a slight slouch fit that looks great